company culture

Responsibility, integrity and morality:

The six-character corporate culture of "responsibility, integrity, and ethics" is centered on corporate spirit and values. The purpose is to create a good corporate atmosphere, improve the cultural quality of employees, enhance corporate cohesion and competitiveness, and promote sustainable corporate development. It carries the history of Jinda's corporate growth, and it is also the highest goal, value standard, basic belief and code of conduct that the company and its employees have continually summarized, precipitated, created and sublimated in the long-term production, operation and management process. .

Talent Strategy

Our belief:

We finally regard the "Responsibility, Integrity, Morality" as the corporate culture and the company's code of conduct.

Our goal:

Devote oneself to the development of the real economy, provide the market with the highest quality products and services, create more benefits for the enterprise and society, and allow employees to get better treatment!

Our management philosophy:

Jinda believes in the people-oriented management concept, constantly breaks the shackles of traditional concepts, persists in reform and innovation, focuses on the training and introduction of core talents, and develops a high-quality management team and high-level technical talents through systematic talent development to form The core talent group of high-quality management team, high-level technical personnel, and high-skilled operational personnel has created a high-quality and efficient staff team.

We respect the knowledge and ability of each employee, pay attention to the quality training of employees, provide opportunities for fair competition and development space, and strive to achieve self-worth on the career stage of Jinda.