Jinda's two studies and one doing

Release time | 2017.11.02

Jinda Party Branch's "two studies, one doing"

(1) Themed Party Day activities-Going to Yanguan Scenic Area to receive red education. To comprehensively strengthen party member education, further promote the "two studies, one doing" study and vigorously promote the core values of socialism. On June 10, all party members of Jinda Company and Activists joining the party went on a red trip to Haining Yanguan Scenic Area. Under the guidance of the interpreter, the party members visited Mao Zedong's Poetry Stele Pavilion, Shi Liangcai Monument, Anti-Japanese Martyrs Monument, Jingshu Garden, Jinhua Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Chenge Old House, Wang Guowei's Former Residence, Tanah Lot Temple, etc. Haining's regional special feature is the red line for ideological and moral education of party members. The whole process of visiting the place is based on teaching, and the integration of teaching and scenery has made the party members have fresh feelings about Haining's spirit, party history knowledge, regional culture, and clean and clean air. Party members have said that the Haining spirit of "dedication and dedication, such as rapid progress" should be integrated into daily work and life, for the development of Jinda, and to play a pioneering and exemplary role for Haining's economic construction.

(2) Review the oath of joining the party-don't forget your original intention, and you've always been there. Recently, more than 20 party members and activists of the Jinda branch gathered together to participate in the "two studies, one action" study meeting. At the study meeting, Comrade Yu Zhipei, a member of the branch, read the "Implementation Plan for the Study and Education of" Learning the Party Constitution, Studying a Series of Speeches, and Being a Qualified Party Member "by Jinda Branch, and asked all party members to effectively strengthen their studies and write their experiences in light of the actual work. Experience, exchange experiences with each other, and solid entrepreneurship. After the study meeting, all comrades faced the party flag and revisited the party's vows, as a reminder to keep their solemn commitments in mind, and always maintain a sincere original intention to be a "authentic" party member.

(3) Thematic Party Lessons-How to Be a Qualified Communist Party Member At the Jinda branch "two studies, one work" study meeting, Comrade Deputy Secretary Chen Shunxiang gave a lecture on "How to Be Qualified" to all party members and activists. Communist Party members. " Secretary Chen took the oath of joining the party as the starting point, combined with his experience and experience since joining the party, from "leading the implementation of the party's basic line and guidelines; taking the lead in implementing the company's work principles", "consciously abiding by the party discipline and state law, and continuously improving the awareness of the six major disciplines; Consciously abide by factory rules and disciplines, and constantly improve our own quality "," Sincerely serve the interests of the people; sincerely seek development for the enterprise "," Diligently study the "Party Charter", "Guidelines", "Regulations" and important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Improve party spirit and moral realm; work hard to learn business knowledge, improve ability level, and do well in their own duties "," doing four lectures and four party members "and other five aspects require all party members to study hard, work actively, and strive to become qualified party members . At the end of the party class, Comrade Ye Xuekang, a party secretary, demanded that all members of the Communist Party should firmly adhere to the party's beliefs, and always demonstrate the role of party members at work and outside of work.

(4) Learning and exchanges—Learning the Party Constitution and experiencing the experience. Since the Jinda branch launched the "two studies and one action" activity in late May, it has expanded meetings through branch committees, party group meetings, party conferences, WeChat interaction, and participated in knowledge contests. Carry out education and learning activities in various forms, carefully study the contents of the Party Constitution and General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech series, and require all party members to keep in mind the party's original heart, strengthen communist beliefs, combine personal reality, strengthen learning, learn and apply, and apply what they learn. While studying, the branch secretary took the lead in writing learning experiences and sharing work experience. (Company Party Branch)