Innovation holds the future of the industry-2016 China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition

Release time | 2017.11.02

Innovation holds the future of the industry

锦达公司参加 2016年中国国际产业用纺织品及非 织造 布展览会 ——Jinda Company participated in the 2016 China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition

   2 日,中国国际产业用纺织品及非 织造 布展览会( CINTE)在上海新国际博览中心举行,作为公司最重要的展会之一,公司派出了内销和外销共计8人的庞大队伍参加了此次展会。 On October 12th , the China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition ( CINTE) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As one of the company's most important exhibitions, the company sent a huge team of 8 domestic and foreign sales to participate Up the show. The scale of the current exhibition reached 35,000 square meters. Nearly 500 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and the professional audience reached about 15,000.

   原会长杜钰洲 会长孙瑞哲,秘书长高勇,中国工程院院士孙晋良 蒋士成,工信部消费品工业司副司长曹学军,中纺联副 会长 夏令敏,党委副书记陈伟康,纪委书记王久新,中国国际贸易促进委员会纺织行业分会常务副会长徐迎新,中国产业用纺织品行业协会会长李陵申,原副会长张延凯 徐文英,国家发改委原巡视员贺燕丽等行业领导及专家来我司展台参观访问。 On the first day, Wang Tiankai , party secretary of the China Textile Federation , former president Du Yuzhou , chairman Sun Ruizhe, secretary general Gao Yong, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sun Jinliang and Jiang Shicheng, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Cao Xuejun, vice chairman of the China Textile Federation Chen Weikang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Jiuxin, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, Xu Yingxin, Executive Vice President of the China Textile Industry Branch, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Leaders and experts from other industries came to visit our booth. 向高端。 Leaders and experts fully affirmed the role and development of our company as an important council member of the exhibition, and pointed out that innovation and development are a major feature of the industrial textile industry. With the continuous advancement of technology, the upgrading of materials, and industrial textiles The application fields will continue to expand, and the products will continue to go high-end. 表示,结构增强类产业用纺织品材料,例如蓬盖材料,拥有相当广阔的发展空间。 The leaders and experts Ye Hua, the deputy general manager of our company, also introduced the company's business situation, product structure and future development trends in detail. They said that structurally-enhanced industrial textile materials, such as canopy materials, have a wide range of Expansion capacity. “一带一路”政策的引导下,希望我司作为该行业的领军企业,能充分发挥好带头作用,有意识 推进蓬盖材料在全国范围的推广应用,并积极走向世界,打好中国制造的品牌,并希望我司在终端用途上深下功夫,提升自身产品的高附加值。 Especially under the guidance of the national “Belt and Road” policy, I hope that our company, as a leading company in the industry, can give full play to its leading role, consciously promote the promotion and application of canopy materials nationwide, and actively go global and play well Brands made in China, and we hope that our company will work hard on end-use and enhance the high added value of its own products.

   10月1 4 日落下帷幕,我司共计接待客户达到上百人。 The three-day exhibition ended on October 14th, and our company received hundreds of customers in total. 之一 ,在展会期间园区的领导也来参观访问了我司的展台并对我司的工作给予了高度评价,并对未来的工作做了指导。 As one of the leading companies in the warp knitting park , the leaders of the park also visited our booth during the exhibition and gave a high evaluation of our work and gave guidance for future work.


Ministry of International Trade   Lu Huimin