Jinda was awarded the honorary title of “National Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring” Enterprise

Release time | 2017.11.02

国家级 “守合同重信用”企业 荣誉 称号 Jinda was awarded the honorary title of National Contract-keeping and Credit-honoring” Enterprise

2014-2015年度“守合同重信用”企业名单, 浙江锦达新材料 股份有限公司榜上有名 成为 海宁市 唯一一家,也是 海宁市 第一家跻身国家级 “守重”的企业。 Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce released the 2014-2015 list of "observing contracts and keeping credit" enterprises. Zhejiang Jinda New Materials Co. , Ltd. was on the list and became the only company in Haining . Business.

The "public contract and credit" corporate publicity activity is an important part of the construction of the social credit system. It is selected every two years, and the requirements are extremely strict and the standards are extremely high. Only companies that meet the six basic conditions of "Enterprises and brands with social influence, sound contract credit management system, normative contract behavior, good contract performance, operating efficiency at a certain level, and good social reputation" are eligible to apply.

"Responsibility, integrity, and morality" are Jinda's corporate beliefs. The company has always incorporated these six-character beliefs into its corporate culture. As a work policy and spiritual pillar for all Jinda officers and entrepreneurs, "integrity" is the bottom line for corporate development. 运行 ISO9001国际质量管理体系 从研发、生产、检验、销售 等各环节 全过程开展质量管理活动 As early as 1999, the company began operating the ISO9001 international quality management system in the industry , and carried out quality management activities from the entire process of research and development, production, inspection, and sales . Jinda relies on product quality and reputation to build a brand, and relies on improving corporate culture to consolidate the brand. 建立 完善市场信息搜集和反馈机制,及时获取产品改进、完善的意见建议, 提升产品质量, 提高客 满意度。 At the same time, through the establishment and improvement of market information collection and feedback mechanisms, timely access to product improvement and perfect opinions and suggestions to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

海宁市最早的经编与产业用布企业 2007年 主导起草了《产业用刀刮涂层织物》国家标准, “锦达”商标获浙江省知名商号,“锦达牌”产品获浙江省名牌和出口名牌产品称号。 As the earliest warp knitting and industrial cloth company in Haining , in 2007, it drafted the national standard of "Industrial Knife Coated Fabric". The "Jinda" trademark was well-known in Zhejiang Province and the "Jinda Brand" product was awarded in Zhejiang Province Name of famous brand and export famous brand product.

锦达公司也 不忘回报社会。 In addition to its own development, Jinda also does not forget to repay the society. ,公司 参与 慈善冠名基金 、虚拟岗认领、一企助一户、精准扶贫等各项社会公益活动, 用献爱心传递真情、点亮希望。 In recent years , the company has participated in various social public welfare activities such as charity naming fund , virtual post claim, one enterprise helping one household, precision poverty alleviation, etc., using love to convey the true feelings and brighten hope.

是对 企业经营管理和品牌建设的肯定与鼓励,我们必须深刻认识到,产品有质量、有标准才有市场;品牌参与竞争、管理创造效益、服务取信用户是企业的根本。 The chairman of the company, Ye Xuekang, said that Jinda was awarded this national honorary title as an affirmation and encouragement to the company's operation and management and brand building. We must deeply understand that products have quality and standards before there is a market; brands participate in competition and management Creating benefits and serving customers is the foundation of an enterprise.

将以此为契机, 秉承 “诚信经营、科学发展”的理念,坚持“以人 为本、以质量求第一、以管理求效益、以技术创新求发展 ”的方针, 进一步 企业 诚信与 品牌意识, 为社会提供优质的产品与服务。 Jinda will take this as an opportunity, adhering to the "integrity management, scientific development" concept, adhere to the "people -oriented, quality first, management and efficiency, technology innovation and development " approach to further strengthen Corporate integrity and brand awareness, to provide quality products and services for the community. (Office)