Summarize the past, confidently welcome the future

Release time | 2018.02.05

Deeply summarize the past, confidently welcome the future

——Jinda Company held the 2018 Basic Management Work Arrangement Conference

On December 30, at the end of the year, Jinda Company held the 2017 Annual Summary and 2018 Basic Management Work Arrangement Meeting. More than 20 people including the company's management, heads of branches, representatives of administrative functions, party leader, etc. attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Shunxiang, the company's executive vice president.

At the meeting, each production department and administrative function department reviewed and reviewed the achievements, resistances and difficulties encountered in various management work in 2017, and focused on reporting on the implementation of safety management measures, brand building, cost control and teamwork in 2018. Construction ideas and plans.

The director of the company's office, Yu Zhipei, pointed out that there are three major tasks in 2018. One is to implement safety management measures; the other is to improve corporate energy efficiency (garbage classification and reduction, water and electricity saving, etc.); the third is to improve the quality of the management team. . At the meeting, Director Yu used the form of PPT to focus on the participants' training in “out of the top ten misunderstandings of management work” and “identification and responsibility of industrial waste” in a way that is factual and reasonable. Laid the foundation for the smooth implementation of various management tasks in the year.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Ye Xuekang made an important speech. President Ye said: This is an important meeting for reviewing 2017 and looking forward to 2018, setting goals for next year's central work and clarifying the direction. In 2017, the company's overall production situation was stable without major ups and downs; the security situation was still severe, and the identification and search of hazard sources continued to advance; in combination with various departments, a high-quality management team was exploring new and effective training methods. At the same time, President Ye also arranged the work tasks for 2018, mainly in four aspects:

The first is to realize the self-revolution of business management. To change the traditional thinking, Jiuxiang is also afraid of the alleys. It is necessary to learn to actively promote the market influence of the company, not to stick to the traditional way of communication, and to learn to tell the story of the company. Be sensitive to the outside world and have a sense of caution. Be sure to live in peace. In addition to facing the competitive pressure of the peer market, you must also actively explore new products, new technologies, and follow-up and improvement of equipment to maintain innovation vitality.

The second is to deeply understand the profound meaning of the word "management". Management is simply "managing directors"

"Nothing is easy or impossible". In addition to innovating management methods and methods, managers must have the courage to actively promote the management revolution; both the hard power of technology and equipment and the management Soft power.

Third, each department must clarify its management goals. Managers must know what the goals of their department are, where they are, how to implement them, what resistances exist, etc. Management can not only do half of the work, you must first clarify the responsibilities, then the directors, and follow-up supervision and inspection must be implemented one by one;

Fourth, there are several tasks that managers must have. Managers must continuously improve their management level, influence, lead, and build a ethical, responsible, safe, quality-oriented, and professional team from the front; they must fully recognize the importance of training and improve the quality of the classroom. Realize the value of training; employees should be sufficiently familiar with the management system of the company's percent assessment, top ten safety principles, top ten bans, etc., and pay close attention to the implementation of the system.

In the end, Mr. Ye asked the participants to compare and understand the essence of the “Top Ten Misunderstandings in Management Work” in accordance with their own actual conditions, and required each department to implement industrial waste classification and reduction measures and control them from the source to achieve institutionalization and normality Into.

This meeting reviewed and summarized the various tasks of Jinda Company in 2017, clarified the tasks and development direction of 2018, and laid the foundation for the orderly implementation of various management measures in the coming year.