To shoulder a new mission and build a new era of dreams

Release time | 2018.02.05

New year speech

To shoulder a new mission and build a new era of dreams

Chairman Ye Xuekang

Resign from the old year and start again, welcome the new year Vientiane update. On behalf of the company ’s party and government leadership, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the employees who have worked hard for a year, and leaders and friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of Jinda.

In 2017, our Jinda enterprise adhered to the work direction of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period as a business orientation, concentrated energy, and united, and consistently adhered to the market demand in the industry is our unswerving goal and the overall production situation throughout the year is stable; We pay close attention to safety management, determine the "Enterprise Safety Production Management Month", and propose that enterprise safety production must start with the identification and search of the source of danger, and then implement the work direction and goal of safety management measures; we have proposed the construction of a high-quality The workforce must first build human resource management measures that create a high-quality management team and work hard to promote it.

In 2017, the "Jinda" trademark was again awarded a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, and Membrane Technology and Jinda New Materials were both recognized as "High-tech Enterprises in Zhejiang Province". The "oil-to-gas" project in all factories was fully completed, and the process waste gas was updated. Disposal devices, comprehensively carry out training on garbage classification, reduction control, standardize work standards and responsibilities, and implement them on the job.

The new year opens new hopes, and new journeys carry new dreams. 2018 is the year to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the key year for the development of Jinda's "13th Five-Year Plan." We must soberly see that the road ahead is still uneven, and cruel competition that is unjust and immoral will test the physique and endurance of our company; we must soberly see that there are still many shortcomings in the basic management of the company that need to be completed In particular, to tap the potential and increase efficiency, safety management must have a directional goal and take the initiative to act. In 2018, the management objectives of our Jinda enterprise:

First, we must continue to be market-oriented, strengthen product research and development, improve product quality management capabilities, strictly control unreasonable costs, and make our products competitive in the market;

The second is to continuously explore new marketing strategies, vigorously explore domestic and foreign markets, maintain sustainable development of the enterprise, and strive for stability while advancing;

The third is to continue to promote the establishment of corporate safety culture, so that the "Jinda Top Ten Injunctions", "Ten Top Security Principles", "Second Prohibition System", and "Percent Assessment" are deeply rooted and rooted;

The fourth is to work hard and invest energy to improve the comprehensive quality of employees and build a high-quality staff team that can win the battle of the brand.

A corporate culture centered on "responsibility, integrity, and ethics" is the spiritual direction that guides our work and the driving force for sustainable development of the enterprise. The power of culture must be integrated into the strength of management, management, and team to become a strong business. "Booster", management standard "navigation light", "adhesive" for harmony between people and enterprises!

Happiness comes from striving. As long as all of us in Jinda are united as one, with the tenacity of "fixing the mountains without relaxation", with the courage of "three thousand miles when we hit the water," and the sense of responsibility and urgency of "every day and every day, we will fight for the day and night" Invest in Jinda's various businesses, the dream of our company's development and the happiness of our employees will be realized!

Sincerely wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and a successful career!